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Just what is ASCII Art? The first thing to come to mind might be something you've seen on a computer. But that's actually an evolution of something much older than the computer era ASCII Art is also known as Text Art and ANSI Art and they all reflect the same concept. Making pictures out of text based characters and symbols.

The first generation of these were artworks created on a manual typewriter. This is how it was originally conceived, but when you think about it, it actually dates back to ancient Egypt when symbols use to represent ideas and concepts rather than characters or words. Text art has been there for so long and will also be there for many years to come.

Evolution of Text Art:

As far as character based text art, of course, the first example of these were hand written on a piece of paper. It was more of an art than a process at the time to align everything to make it look like the expected visual representation, hence each work took a considerable amount of time to achieve. Sometimes almost as long as a very well crafted hand paintaing.

When the first typewriter was invented and got wide spread use, it didn't take too long for text articles to notice the advantages of using this newly invented media for their creativity. Shortly thereafter typewritten text art began to surface from all over the place.

The term ASCII Art itself originates from the creation of ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) Back when to make something look good, you had to create it with text. First created for the purpose of the created applications it soon turned out to be used for the art of creation itself. Today, with the exted ASCII character set (and the ANSI character set and the UNICODE set) text art is now given new realm of possibilities even today. With the immence variety of fonts you can give text art a very new and different twist on it's orgininal role by using fonts that simply weren't available before.

In Conclusion:

For those of you who thing ASCII, ANSI and UNICODE art is a dying art form, rest assured, text art is going on strong, bigger and better than ever before, within our pages here, we're hoping to give you a good glimpse of that so you can see for yourself everything that has happened and is happening in the world of text based art. Not only that, we're also hoping you might get enticed to give text art a try. It doesn't take alot of equipment to create text based artwork and it can be such a fulfilling hobby.

IF you know of good sources of ASCCI, ANSI and Unicode art, feel free to let us know about it so we can add to our lists we're maintaining here. Ir, feel free to join us and become a contributor so you can add your findings yourself.

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