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Welcome to the Applications section. Simply put, whatever is not a game is an Application. That includes specific business management tools, utility programs, decision making software, databases, spreadsheets, accounting software, inventory control systems, you name it. This section exists to help centralize so to speak any and all text application projects that have been created or are being created. Text applications are fast, and still today, many people and business would probably rather have text based applications over their equivalent GUI counterparts especially when speed is an issue.

Maybe you have a program that performs a useful specific task that you'd like to have posted here, maybe you are creating a program that you believe will come useful to the text based community. It doesn't matter what it is, send it over to us and we'll categorize it here, in the Applications section. Anything from a simple contact management system down to even a full programming language, really anything that's not a game has it's place here.


QB ANSI art viewer (DOS)
Displays old ANSI ART screens. (Remember oldstyle BBS's?). File selector.Caroussel mode and some samples. Application is contributed by Antoni Gual and it's made with QBASIC.

Console (hyper)Card (DOS)
Console (hyper)Card is a card/command based Information Storage System which offers some unique features. With a few commands you can create yourself databases of information of which you control the way the users can access the information. This quite useful application is contributed by Jerry Muelver.

A Music Playing Application 'BAS Source (DOS)
WhizCat rewrote this classic GW-BASIC program and has graciously offered to have me offer it here. It features a series of songs that can be played while the user can see the notes being played on a musical keyboard.

A Scrolling ASCII Map Maker 1.0 (Windows) Review of Rattrapmax6's ASCII Scrolling Map Maker 1.0
Here is the first contribution from Rattrapmax6, our newest contributor. This is the first version of his Scolling ASCII Map Maker. IT features many functionalities to make designing and reviewing your maps quick and easy. If you're interested in seing how this was accomplished, take a look at the source code.

A Scrolling ASCII Map Maker 2.0 (Windows)
Just when you think the first version had everything you could ever want, and more, along comes Rattrapmax6 to bring you a new version of his Scrolling ASCII Map Maker with even more functionality. This one features resizable canvas (in case you want to add to a map you already made, and a cleaner user interface to make this brilliant application even easier and cleaner to use. Like the first version, you can view the source code of this release as well.

iki (wiki without the web) (Windows + FreeBASIC source)
mennonite has been busy on a project of his. This is iki, a wiki system without the web. it allows to create documents and links to documents sections and other external documents using special tags. A great text based document tool. but don't take my word for it. give this baby a try for yourself. Source code is included in the download.

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