Ascii Aint Goin Anywhere

I give all honor for modern games. They includes 3D effects that has never been seen before, and best part of these games is that they advance all the time. Specs that modern day computers offers for game developers are awesome. And as line earlier, specs advances all the time. No doubt that some day I'll have a 10 000Ghz pc with 100Gb RAM, right here on my desk.

Lol, can't wait to see what kind of graphics game developers offer then. Probably we need some special glasses on our head because those games takes graphics out of human eye limits…who knows. But no doubt that day is coming, the real question might be "when", not "if".

Graphical presentations have advanced at speed that human couldn't predict it would. There's only few years passed since first real 3d games hit the markets. Now 3D is "must" what comes for "big public" games. Who knows, maybe some genius finds a way to make 4d…

So hooray for 3D and modern technology computers. But from topic to another…have you ever readed a book? I mean those old things that were printed on paper. And if it was a long book, usually it was almost heavy to keep in your hands.
If you have read books, you probably understand why peoples keeps saying "good movie, but the book was way better".

I have read a lots of books. Lord of the ring's a few times, The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy series and Shogun at least twice + dozens of other great books. All glory to Peter Jackson, Lord of the ring movies are absolutely great, but i bet he never can't beat my imagination with any special effects.

If you feel that you just dropped out of this article, it's ok. Let me explain =)

When i was reading L.O.T.R., i could almost say that i was there. I saw Middle-earth, helm's deep, Aragorn, Eowyn, Sam, Legolas…Right next to me, they were all there. It has gone more than a 10 years now, since i read L.O.T.R. for the first time in my life and still i don't have to open that book to remember what kind of helm's deep looked. Yeah, it wasn't like in the movie but surprisingly near. The book did give me so big effect that it's still here. I guess, it won't ever stop affecting me.

I watched those movies and i enjoyed to see them, but hard to remember much of em. Yeah, nice effects but i guess that's all for me. Can't remember more of movies…but hey, nice special effects =)

Maybe game developers should try to give peoples imaginations more space with games they play? Should we get worried about situation? If peoples get all imagination that is needed, on the screen already, is it just ok?

ASCII games and books aren't the same thing, not at all. But the purpose of em is.

Do you see just some boring thing up there?

I see more, way more than that. There is dungeon and im in it. It's not an X that stands there, it's an stairway to next level and o is some monster i got to get rid of. # is an old brick wall…bricks are old and cracked…smell ain't good and floors are full of water…and i can hear water splashing under that monster's step… …and it's getting closer…man, im in really bad situation here…no arrows and my axe is broken….

Make a movie about that game. I was there, your movie is just something that I watch and forget. Maybe I'll remember that it has some great special effect or stuff. But what comes to experience with that game? I probably email to its maker and say that he has done a great game =)

So ASCII games wont die until their developers die. But with imagination that ASCII game developers has…i bet we are here pretty long time. Can you imagine just how long? Hehe, i bet you got it ;)

E.K.Virtanen; moc.liamg|dlrowiicsa#moc.liamg|dlrowiicsa

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