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ASCII/Text Art History Article by Roy Sac

Text Art History Video (1 hour) by Roy Sac

Keyboard Text Art Pre-Computer ASCII Art by Roy Sac

ASCII Art Gallery - objects
So much pictures, you gona need a day to see em all.

The ORIGINAL Ascii Airplane Collection
Paul Tomblin has collected tons of great Airlane (and related) ASCII pictures on this site starting at year 1989. ASCII art
Loads of ASCII pictures.

Star Trek ASCII Art Archive
All you Startrek fans are going to love this website. It features ASCII art of just about every Startrek ship there is. Enjoy each and everyone of them.

Japanese ASCII art collection
Tons of great ASCII pictures, site name related.

The Hottest babes come in ASCII
Do we need to say more? ;D

a taste of plastik
Ton's and ton's of ASCII pictures and great links
Art Scene Text Files Archive

Pictures of Ascii Art.

ASCII Picture Collections
These collections are organized by artist's name.

Nifty package of ASCII art.
TrueSchool ASCII, the tower of power…


ASCII Art Centre A ring for all lovers of ASCII art!

ASCII Arts Webring The ASCII Arts Ring is intended to provide the functionality of a Web ring without the parasitic commercialism. belongs to this webring.

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