Ascii Text Game And Related Websites

ASCII/Text game and related Websites

Game websites and collective websites:

Mud Magic
Your exhaustive resource for text game muds listing, hosting and discussions along with a cyber culture community devoted to the online text gaming experience.

Site that has ten's of text games for Wintads Game Interpreter.

shoot 'em
The special on this game is 3D engine, as whole 3D graphics is drawn in full colors in text mode. This makes the game just much more unique and replayable

This site is dedicated to Angband - a roguelike dungeon exploration game based on the books of J.R.R.Tolkien .

List of Angband variants
The computer game Angband is notable for having many variants based on its codebase.

Heavily modified Angband variant

A heavily modified ZAngband variant, perhaps the closest to Tolkien in some regards

Linley's Dungeon Crawl
Also called Dungeon Crawl or just Crawl

NetHack is a single-player roguelike computer game originally released in 1987.

Old roguelike computer game, based on a story from The Lord of the Rings.

Hack was an improved version of the Rogue computer game. It introduced shops as additional gameplay elements and expanded available lists of monsters, items, and spells.

Omega official distribution page
Omega is a roguelike computer game, programmed by Laurence Brothers in the late 1980s.

Ancient Domains Of Mystery
ADOM is a roguelike game in which the player's aim is to stop the forces of Chaos which are invading the world of Ancardia.

The RogueBasin is a central knowledge-base for everything related to the Roguelike genre, as well as a detailed directory of Roguelike games.

Wikipedia list of text games
Huge list of text based games, provided by wikipedia.

iFiction Main Lobby
264 games in 45 categories!

Wrath Lands
Here you will find a simple text RPG and the step by step creation of it.

Classic BASIC games
Nice site that includes some classic games and interpreter with what to play those games. And there is also Snoopy. =)

Tribute to Text Mode Games
Here's a website that pays tribute to Text Mode Games by offering a good collection of them right on their website
Here's another website that features text mode games. Has a system of playing the games and reviewing them.

Games with ASCII Graphics
Site, dedicated for ASCII games. Many downloads included.

Ladder brings us back to the days of classic computer games. Back when computer games were written without any fancy graphics. Heck, they were written without any graphics at all!.

Freeware Fantasy Dungeon Game Classics.
Far over the misty mountains cold, To dungeons deep and caverns old, We must away ere break of day, To seek the pale enchanted gold

OnLine Games:
Play text adventure games online

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Infocom OnLine Adventure

Super Star Trek as a Java applet
Similar to TREK15, based on Star Trek 77 in FORTRAN. Made by Jim Bat.
See also: [tiki-read_article.php?articleId=131 A piece of history - Star Trek Game] Huge games website that does also have online text adventures and classics.

Adventure Games Live Adventure Games Live is a suite of new adventure games that you can play on the web, free of charge.

Editorial websites:

Pong Story
This site is dedicated to Ralph H. Baer, Inventor of the video game.

Java Adventures
Creating a text adventure game in Java

The Colossal Cave Adventure page This game, produced in the '70s, was the historic first "interactive fiction" game, in which the computer would simulate and describe a situation and the user would type in what to do next.

A history of Adventure Another great site for classic game, Adventure.

Just ASCII +
A Column Covering Interactive Fiction and Other Nongraphical Adventure Games

ASCII-World does have also a nice package of games to download.

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