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Images to ASCII:

Making Text Useful Nice online img2ASCII editor.

Image to HTML/ASCII converter

Yet another great image to ASCII conventer.

Alternate's ASCII Artist
An open-source C++ program that can help you convert an image into a plain text file that resembles the image used to create it.

Convert any image to ASCII characters

ASCII Art Generator
This little program converts your picture to ASCII text art - a jumble of letters, numbers and symbols that do not appear to have any significance until you step back and look at the whole picture. It has no practical purpose, other than the neat factor..
Here you can easily generate cool text-images from almost any picture you have on your computer.

ASCII Editors:

EDASCII is an ASCII art editor for Linux

The ULTed Home Page
ULTed, the Ultimate Ascii Editor for Ascii Art and IRC

Email Effects
Email Effects is a program for Macintosh or Windows which allows pictures and drawings to be used in email, source code or any other plain text medium.

Java Ascii Versatile Editor

List of ASCII art editors
List of ASCII art editors at Open Directory website

Text Generators:
ASCII Text Generator

ASCII Signature Generator
Excellent ASCII signature generator.

ASCII Text Generator
Website that offers nice tool to create ASCII text. Tons of different fonts.


Colour AsCii Art library

Text Adventure Developement System
TADS, the Text Adventure Development System. TADS is a freeware programming system that can help you create high-quality interactive fiction.

FREE Ascii to Unicode Converter
FREE Ascii to Unicode Converter enter your info to convert Ascii text to Unicode.

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