Basic Related Websites
Place for everything, anything and eveyrone for and about BASIC programming

QBasic Station
Good place to hang on for any QB fan.

PCOPY! is a magazine created for the BASIC programming language.

FreeBASIC Report
FBR is meant to be a portal for community members and outsiders to see what is happening in the community as well as show off their work.

Write and run your own custom computer programs in the familiar BASIC language without installing any software on your computer!
Home of QBASIC programmers. It seemed to be gone, but it did return like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Don's QuickBasic Programs
Public Domain and FreeWare

The Roy Scott Free Site
Freeware Downloads For Microdevelopers.

FreeBASIC Games Directory
A website dedicated to collecting all FreeBASIC games ever released.

Classic Basic Games Page
Moorecad has come out with a beautiful collection of classic BASIC games. Most of which would probably run on GW-BASIC

Website where old classics get their second lifeā€¦

Programmers Haven
Community, originally from Scott Server forum moved here after Scott was forced to remove hes forum.

Forum, started by KindlyRat for GW-BASIC

Pete's QBASIC Website
What's to say here, Pete doesn't need an introduction anymore. His website is his ode to the QB Community, and home of the now famous QB-EXpress Magazine, a creation of his. If you're curious about programming, in QB or the new FreeBasic, this is definitely a good place to start. Be sure to pay a visit to his Forum as well.

QBASIC Games Directory
A website dedicated to collecting all QBASIC games.raw text

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