ASCII demos, just as anykind of demos can be anything between from simple moving picture to full lenght movie.
Here we have some great demos, created with using ASCII.


Rattrapmax6 contributed a cool ASCII 3D view starfield demo, programmed with Java. Must to check for all.

Rattrapmax6 a cool ASCII starfield demo, programmed with Java. Must to check for all.

This first demo is a rotating 3D Cube made only of letters. Really well made as far as ASCII artwork goes and dare I say cool to look at even if it's only text.

This second demo is a rotating 3D pyramid made only of letters, much like the cube. I think it's a good effort for a text only demonstration.

This one is much like the two previous ones. Only this time a 3D star is drawn and rotated so you can feel the 3D in it.

This is another 3D box demo only this time some parts of the box let you see through them the back side of the Cube. More complex than the regular box demo but well made in my book.

This one shows a bunch of small objects that have been positioned in 3D and when it rotates you can see where they are in 3D. Another great demo of what ASCII and Text can do.

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