Server where games were stored havent been rented anymore and thats why games are not available anymore. Most of them can be found with google anyway :)

Welcome to the Games section.
Well here we accept any type of game, from arcade games to full strategic simulations, from number guessing to full fledge world war end of world type games. If you made a game, tell us about it, we'll be glad to add it to our section. Games are a very important form of entertainment, and game tastes is different for everybody. That's probably why there's so many game genres available out there. Still today people find new and improved ways to create games and who knows you just might be one of those talented individuals. The best policy is to have people try your games. They will let you know what's good and what's not, what could be done differently and so on. Remember that we have our forums, so if you are creating a game and would like feedback or if you are looking for help, talk about it on the forums, it's probably the best way to get people to help you and point you in the right direction.

Maybe you have a game that you'd like to have posted here, or know of a place where such games can be found. By all means, tell us about them. Like any other part of this website the goal is to be as complete and as useful as we can be. The more complete we can make the Games section the more entertaining it becomes. So help us help you (so to speak) and send us your games, if you want, and we'll be sure to add them up here. Again, remember that these games can be for any platform, any operating system written in any programming language.


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Beside of this package of games, ASCII-World does have nice list of links. Maybe you want to check our ASCII/Text game and related websites page which has many links to game websites and also in online ASCII/text games.

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