Who said we are simple enough to enjoy gfx only?

History of games where was some idea.

Long long time ago… there were peoples who though that when they find a great story line for game… they create a game what follows that story.

Peoples back then were happy. Games on that time included great storys, ideas and imagination. GUI's werent so impressives but no one didnt care, because there were a "must to finish" feelings, about playing that game. Peoples just wanted to know what happens to hero of game at the end.

Not so long time a go, came peoples who tought… that if they find a great 3D engine,,, they create game with that engine.

Games of this time, includes great 3D graphical librarys what takes hundreds of megabytes HDD space, juts to show something, what your imagination can make in microseconds.

They also include lots of things that you dont even need, but what a hell. That game looks fucking good. So good that you dont even notice there aint story line.

Long long time a go, there were story, and a coder (or few of em) that created a game. They coded game, after regular work, or school days. Because they wanted to create a game about that story line.

Not so long time a go, there started to be a lots of coders, who created some parts of game. They were hired, because they know how to make some great 3D efect on game… they usually didnt even know what the game was about.

Long long time a go… some coders created games, what is remembered still these days… Lots of peoples can still remember em, and those storys.

Not so long time a go, many many comers created doom3 and its absolutely greatest 3D engine. One year later, some ones remembers that it included some nice 3D efects, thats all.

Long long time a go… game coders with good story line, though that every one should be able to play their game, so they created a game that can be played by anyone.

Not so long time a go… great 3D engine coders though, "what a heck, lets just call to intel and ask em to boost theyr processors and peoples buys game and new processor."

Nintendo has made a major decision. New video console of it, is created for games that includes innovations, story lines and playing it self. Not on graphics that is few pixels better than its competitors.
Its a brave way, when competitors of nintendo (sony and microsoft) announces all the time how their consoles can make great graphics, 3D sounds and what ever.

As Susi Vaasjoki sayd in biggest computer magazine of Finland month ago, "there must be more that 13 good luoking rambo's in dozen"

Nintendo is trying to get back to roots of gaming. Instead of polygons, they want to concencrate on story.

Whats the point to get 100 peoples to make a great 3D game where is +100*100 pixels, when story line is like made by man, who have readed one book and thinks that 007 is art of typewriting? Is the point, to get a bit better graphs and then notice that it takes a bit too much of cd's and then decide to take few levels out of game and make "story line " a bit simplified?
"hey we dont prolly need that character and that piece of story can get forgotten…we need room for our graphics… after all, we had 2+2 pixels more here than our competitor"?

Ok, when i do drop out of this? Some ones says that "its advanced developement. Accept it, buy new graphic card, more memory and update your cpu. Thats life"

If you cant survive with this, get out of here, but i wana ask. Why i should pay for something i dont enjoy, dont have a story line, looks good but feels so fucking bad?
Im full of Doom3's, Quakes, NFSU's and so on. I use lot's of money for them. I update my darn pc every darn year, just to play those games that includes great graphics.
I dont buy new tv every year to see newest programs, even they has a some new special efects?

So cut the talk about talking bullshit games needs new technology for advancing new levels of enjoyement. New games offers me nice 3D, same fully armed polygon heroes who kills 100000 aliens with "new" guns.

Im gona load my nethack and play it. After years of playing, i find time to time something new from it. After 45 minutes of Doom3, nothing new.

E.K.Virtanen; asciiworld(AT)gmail.com

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