Guess It

You heard about that game or even played it with your friend?

Guess what number im thinking now is simple but pretty popular and old game what can be played by two, up to unlimited groupd of peoples.
Basic idea is very simple. At first, there is decided min. and max. limits of numbers what between one player thinks some number. Then other players tries to guess what number it is.
Based on does player guess too high or too low, he/she gets a hint is hes/her guess too high or too low.

As an simple example, game could look like this.
g is the one who thinks a number between 1 to 100 and p is the one who tries to guess that number. At start, g chooses number 72.

p I guess 50.
g Too low.
p I guess 75.
g Too hight.
p I guess 63.
g Too low.
p I guess 70.
g Too low.
p I guess 73.
g Too high.
p I guess 72.
g You guessed it right.

Contributed games:
In this page, is idea to collect this game in as many possible programming/scripting languages. Now there is only a few of them but in time, the number is inceasing hopefully.
If you have skills to contribute this game in some language what does not exist here, please do so :)

Guess It in Ansi C
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Guess it in Java OOP version.

Guess The Number topic in bulletin board

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