Guess It in yaBasic
// Guess what number for yaBasic
// E.K.virtanen. 2007, public domain
// Made for

// const variables
Lowest = 1
Highest = 99    // used as rand(Highest) + Lowest

// main loop of program
CanExit = false
while (CanExit = false)
    clear screen
    Randomed = int(ran(Highest) + Lowest)    // number to guess
    Rounds = 0
    print " # Guess the number im thinking?"
    print " # E.K.Virtanen 2007, public domain."
    print " #"
    print ""
    print "Ok, i think random number between ", Lowest, " to ", Highest + Lowest, "."
    print "Your job is to guess what it is in as minimal tries as possible."
    print ""
    print "After your every guess, ill give you hint is my number higher or lower than your guess."
    print "You can exit by 'guessing' 0."
    print "Press any key to start game."; : inkey$

    // loop of game
    Rounds = 0
    ExitGame = false
    clear screen
        Rounds = (Rounds + 1)
        print ""
        print ""
        print "This is round number: ", Rounds, "."
        input "Give your guess: " PlrGuess

        // now we check the user input
        // if player wants to quit we change falses to trues
        if PlrGuess = 0 then
            CanExit = true
        end if

        // if it's higher...
        if PlrGuess > Randomed THEN
            Print "My number is smaller..."
        end if

        // if it's lower
        if PlrGuess < Randomed THEN
            Print "My number is higher..."
        end if

        // and finally, if it was correct guess we end loop
        if PlrGuess = Randomed then 
            ExitGame = true
        end if
    until(ExitGame = true)

    // if only correct answer and no full exit we print out result of rounds.
    if CanExit = false then
            print "You got it!!!"
            print "It took ", Rounds, " rounds to guess right number."
            print ""
            print "Press 'y' to play again. Any other key to quit.";
            YesNo$ = inkey$
            if upper$(YesNo$) <> "Y" then 
                CanExit = true
            end if
    end if

print "Thank you for playing."
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