Learning C The Easy Way


Welcome to Learning C The Easy Way C learning series. If you're serious about learning C but were often told that C is cryptic and very hard to understand and comprehend well you're not the first that's been told that about C. This series is my attempt at explaining what C is and how to code in it which I hope will help most understand everything they need to know if C is for them and how to accomplish their programming goals in them.

What's different about this series is that for one thing the way the language is explained. I follow a real world approach based on what you'd typically wanna do next now that you know whatever you do know at any given point. Hopefully this will bring a more natural progression towards learning C efficiently. On another side, the examples given in this series will relate to one or more real world situation. I've seen many books that have examples that simply serve no purpose that I could see. And well the motivation to learn from useless code isn't, in my opinion, as high as when you're learning from code that actually performs something you just might need.


In this series we will start from the beginning of the C spectrum and work our way towards more complex elements again geared towards what you might want to do next but without forgetting what you'd need to know in order to be able to do what you wanna know next.

C Learning Fundamentals:

  • Chapter One - Getting Started This first chapter starts at the very beginning, it explains the basic structure of a C program, talks a bit about what variables are and covers the basic data types. Also included is some rules of thumbs about C, things that I believe any C programmer should learn and know right upfront.


So far there is 1 item, I just started this series and hence other chapters will be added as they are created, I just started work on the second part of the series, you will see it appear here as soon as I finish it. This will be the case for all upcoming parts of this series.

Remember you're not under any strict learning schedule, take the time to read at your own pace and if anything is obscure to you in what you read so far, Contact Me top let me know about it and we can see if we can't clear things up even more, if we do, I just might alter the series accordingly to show the cleared up version so that even more people can understand things right the very first time they read this material.

St├ęphane Richard

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