Welcome to the Libraries section. There are many types of libraries that can appear here. For instances, maybe you made an excellent scripting engine for RPG games, maybe you have a module that has all kinds of math functions, maybe it's a complete set of graphics functionality, a scrolling engine, and so many more types of libraries. Perhaps you have a good function screen data input routines it doesn't have to be about games here, any useful libraries for any type of application can be here. So, be sure to check this section regularly, libraries will be added as they are submitted to us or as we find them.

Maybe you have a library that you'd like to have posted here, or know of a place where such libraries (any programming language of course) can be found. By all means, tell us about them. Like any other part of this website the goal is to be as complete and as useful as we can be. The more complete we can make this section the more useful it becomes. So help us help you (so to speak) and send us anything you consider a good library, we're sure others will love to have them too.


FileKit Library (QB, PDS, VB-DOS)
Here's a file management toolbox. It handles everything about files, extensions, copying, finding you name it.
Contributed by Peter Fedorow.

MemList Library (PDS, VB-DOS)
MemList is a fast efficient Lisp style Lists based memory manager supporting conventional, EMS, XMS, and virtual memory.
Contributed by Peter Fedorow.

Video Library (QB, PDS, VB-DOS)
Here is a video library that does, among other things, direct video output and video/cursor detection and assignments of all kinds.
Contributed by Peter Fedorow.

Mouse Support (QB, PDS, VB-DOS)
This library offers all standard mouse detection and control subs and functions one might need to handle mouse in his or her projects.
Contributed by Peter Fedorow.

Microsecond Accurate Timer (QB, PDS, VB-DOS)
This library gives the ability to have a highly accurate timer, much more accurate than QB's TIMER function.
Contributed by Peter Fedorow.

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