Links Graveyard

This is graveyard for links that has been removed from our related-links.
Some of sites might have changed url, but in case we dont have knowledge of it, we need to move them in here.
If you see familiar or even your site in here that is back online or it's url has changed, please contact to adminitors of ASCII-World and we put that link back where it belongs or do the fixes by yourself.

Maintaining of this page is started at 5'th Feb. 2007 so links removed earlier are not here.

Barbarianbob's ASCII's
It is gone. Farewell…

OXymoron ASCII Art
Website wont response. Seems like we lost this one too.

ASCII Art Theatre Page
Seems to be gone. The requested document or URL could not be found on this server.

Jace Masula's QBASIC Lab
This Jace Masula's cool site seems dead too.

Cause World should be Free… Site closed because of lack of time.
Site was closed by admins because of continuos spam and unactivity.
Was a cool place. Sadly it was gone…

(Japanese ASCII art) underground thread @ hiding place is hiding too well. Server wont answer anymore. Moved to graveyard.
ASCII Art collection by Scopie Website wasn't found anymore.

Los Monos del Ob's
After few times of trying to get answer on question is this site just moved or totally dead with out response, i decided to move this to graveyard.

Big Dave's Cow Pages
Account inactive was result after trying few times to this website.

Sorry, the page you requested was not found. was greet from yahoo when entering this site.

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