Members Websites

Krisu's Codes
Homesite of E.K.Virtanen
Some of my simple QB programs that are Text based.

Virtual Ink
Rick D. Clark's central repository for he's writing projects.

Chandler Klebs
Homepage for Chandler Klebs

Clark Productions
Homepage for Clark Productions.

Rattrapmax6's x.t.r.GRAPHICS
Rattrapmax6's very own website where he featured his development efforts (ASCII and Ohers). Definitaly worth a look see.

x.t.r.GRAPHICS Forum
Here is Rattrapmax6's forum for his webste. You can find section for his projects where you can talk about them and make suggestions about upcoming versions. There's also some general forum categories that you can visit and post in.

MystikShadows' Ada World
When I started reading about the Ada programming language, the first thing I noticed is that most community website were getting quite dated in design and contents so I decided to create a new Ada website that would feature some up to date information on Ada, a learning section, and the likes to give Ada a community boost. Now Ada World is linked to many commercial Ada websites it keeps on growing. MystikShadows is currently redesigning Ada World based on a new role that it will be playing in the Ada Community.

Home page of mennonite

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