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Python-Forum.Org was one of the first python programming forums wich i did find when i got interested with python programming. Most of all, it's simplicity was something that we really liked. It was easy to follow, colors were nice (not too hard on the eyes) and there was practically nothing irritating or harsk.

The front page of Python-Forum.Org includes enough information for an introductory contents on what the website is about while there was nothing redundant. Last topics from forum are on right while simple menu with logo on the left leads either to the Documents or the Forum. Simple descriptions at top of these two links says everything that new visitors needs to know to see that he has entered a friendly python programming website.

In my few hours which i have spent on Python-Forum.Org, i have noticed that most of peoples there are friendly and helpful. Even my completely noob and stupid questions (well, i'm stll a noob, stupid with python still ;D ) was received and responded to in a very friendly way. Not a single "rtfm" or related answers, thought i think that at least in one questions, i might have deserved it.

For python beginners (and why not for experienced ones), i really do recommend this place to be one pit-stop and help place in your journey of learning the Python programming language.



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