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Let's give the classics a new breath…

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Welcome to the Retro2FB wiki page. This wiki page is about a rather exhaustive project to take timeless classic games and bring them to the modern computing era. There are many games that we probably all remember from the first times we had our first computers and started typing them in from books we bought, magazine articles and so on. Back then, it was somewhat rewarding to type one of them in and see it work right before your very eyes, almost magically on your tv screen or on your monitor (depending on the computer you were typing them for.

Though you will not have to type the programs in per se (unless you really want to) this project hopes to bring back some of that magic by taking such programs and porting them to today's compilers so that they can be played and experienced all over again. So bear with us as we take on this Promethean challenge and see how far we ca take it. the language of choice, for more than one reason, to realize this project in is of course FreeBASIC (hence the name of this wiki project.)

Idea and inspiration for Retro2FB was born when i started to wonder, would there be interested peoples to port old classics to some modern compiler. Old BASIC game books, published back at 70's are now published on different websites, like; and many peoples nearly goes in tears while looking at those games.

Sadly, most of those games are not playable anymore since there is no proper BASIC compiler anymore.

After porting few games quickly to FreeBASIC i noticed, it's not so hard after all to remake these treasures for modern compiler. But, number of those games is huge. For one man, it would probably be too ambitious goal. Thats why i created this page.


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