Retro2fb Info


Well basically, there's a couple of steps that we'll need to follow in order to reach our goal one program at a time.

  1. First will have to find these programs. Websites like the Atari Archives is sure to make our job easier by publishing some of the classic game books right on the web. But we won't stop there.
  2. Next comes taking the programs themselves and porting them to freebasic. This will of course vary with the size of the program and the basic used (the computer used as well). But in some cases, these games can be quite quickly almost directly ported to freebasic without too many headaches.
  3. Once we have ported the games we will publish them in a list available right on this wiki page. from there you'll be able to read about the game, get the code so you can try them for yourself and play the games all you want. Though sometimes simpler in concepts and size, some of these games can get quite addictive.

What Retro2FB is not, is place for latest cool programming tricks. Those are allowed, but since most of games are tried to port by keeping them as close of original source as possible, there is also often used "old" ways to program. It means lot's of GOTO etc. "bad ways" used. We dont scare line numbers either.


Indeed there's alot of work ahead. The best way to help us revolves in 2 categories.

  • The first is report any errors you see, whether in typing or in code execution if you see bugs. That's the quickest and simplest way to help out. It's also very much appreciated as you can imagine.
  • The other way is to port games yourself and send them to us so we can add it to this list. This way people will be able to experience these games faster than they could if we were the only ones doing the porting. If you have any questions, feel free to email or use our Bulletin Board

If you help is entirely up to you of course, any contribution you make will be credited to you as it should be. We welcome any and all help in this project.

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