Software Development Initiative


Welcome to the ASCII-World S.D.I. (Software Development Initiative). This section of ASCII World is all about an effort that was started by ASCII-World that entails a whole lot of research to bring you anything we can find in terms of what dos or text software is out there and available for download. Whenever possible, we will attempt to host any and all of them locally on ASCII-World in order to assure their availability to you. This of course means getting in touch with the software makers and getting their permission/authorization to host their programs locally on our servers.

Another very important part of the S.D.I. is in the form of development projects. Projects of all kinds are currently being developed in the ASCII and Text world. The S.D.I. offers somewhat of a label under which to release text projects in the form of applications, tools and utilities, games and the likes. As you'll see below when you click on the "About the S.D.I." link, there's really no special thing to do in order to make your application available to the S.D.I.

ASCII-World S.D.I. Sections

What you have here is different parts of the S.D.I. (to keep things organized). There are 4 main sections that make up the S.D.I. and they are listed here. The first section is the "About the ASCII-World S.D.I.".This is followed by the "ASCII-World S.D.I. FAQ". Next we have "S.D.I. Existing Programs" which lists all the programs and finished projects that we have so far under the S.D.I. available to you. Finally you'll see the list of "S.D.I. Specific Software Development Projects". Here they are with a brief description of each.

  • About the ASCII-World S.D.I. Get even more information as to what exactly the S.D.I. is. Find out what you need to do when you want to make a program of yours available under the S.D.I. and see how easy it is for you, the creator of your text/ASCII program to have your project featured under the S.D.I. The main goal of the S.D.I. isn't to take, it's to help you make your software available. Read more about it right here to get all the details.
  • The ASCII-World Software Development Initiative F.A.Q. This represent questions that we have either been asked by visitors or that we feel need to be answered in a global way. This F.A.Q. is updated as new questions of relevance are either asked to us or we find new questions that warrant appearing in this F.A.Q.

The Next Step

The bottom line to the S.D.I. is simple. If you have a text project or a completed program, no matter which language you used to make the software and no matter on which platform you made (or are making) it for and you want the S.D.I. to have this program in it's list, just read the About the ASCII-World S.D.I. to find out how easy it is to let us show your program (or project) in our S.D.I. sections. I think we've effectively taken away any type of complexity out of making your program available under the ASCII-World S.D.I. label while making sure that you, the author(s) are the ones recognized for your efforts no matter what.

Of course, clarity is a factor of human understanding. If, for any reason, parts of the S.D.I. doesn't appear to be 100% clear to you, do let us know so that we can help make sure that it does become 100% clear. So feel free to contact us about this initiative.

Stephane Richard and Kristian Virtanen

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