Welcome to the Code Snippets section. What are code snippets? Well, quite simply put, code snippets are code you might need quite often but always find yourself wondering where you put it. They are usually 1 or 2 (maybe 3) function(s) designed to perform a somewhat useful task that you would be using more than once in more than one project. To name a few, a sorting algorithm, screen manipulations, formatting routines and anything else you may have. The object of this section is to present such useful functions to everyone so that they don't have to search no more.

Maybe you have a code snippet that you'd like to have posted here, or know of a place where such snippets (any programming language of course) can be found. By all means, tell us about them. Like any other part of this website the goal is to be as complete and as useful as we can be. The more complete we can make this section the more useful it becomes. So help us help you (so to speak) and send us anything you consider a good snippet, I'm sure others will love to have them too.

Just choose, wich category you wana view.

NOTE If someone likes to add snippets here, please check out used tags from some snippet allready here. IE: programming language, author, "snippets"

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