Star Fleet 1 Review

Stephane Richard reviews this startrek like game as his first game review submission. A must have for all trekkies.


In this review I'll be reviewing one of my favorate games, Star Fleet 1 - The War Begins. This is the first in a series of 3 games. There is also Starfleet 2 - Krellan Commander and a 3rd one, Star Legions that was more graphical but you can see it's a following to Starfleet 2 Krellan Commander.

Starfleet 1 - The War Begins is what's known as a startrek like game. It's a command based game where the object of the game is to find enemies and take over planets. All the action is based on the commands that the user enters in the system. Actions and results of those action are then displayed accordingly to the user as feedback.

PLAYABILITY: (Rating: 6 points)

There's many ways to determine the level of playability in a game. In the case of a startrek family of games the best way to evaluate the playability is the coherence of the commands versus the action and results evaluated by the gaming engine itself. (note that the reviews of such game should always be evaluated based on this playability principle).

Therefore, because of this nature of play, I gave this game a rating of 5 points towards playability. Everything that happens does happen for a reason throughout the game play this is what gave it a rating of 5. The drawback to alot of gamers will be the inability to use a joystick or even arrow keys to play the game as it is 100% command based. This inability is what stopped me from giving the game 10 points as a general review.

ENTERTAINABILITY: (Rating: 5 Points)

Entertainability is a game's ability to keep the user motivated to play the game to the end and maybe even play the game over and over again hoping to find something new each time. Starfleet 1 is definitaly good at that. There's worlds to explore, enemies to find and destroy and things can change around everytime you start a new game because enemy positions, for example, can be anywhere in the known Krellan universe.

TECHNICAL FEATURES: (Rating: 2 points)

If there was a general drawback to startrek like games, it would be the fact that there is usually no high resolution graphics or special effects in this kind of game. At least not in the classic sense of the word. Today there are star trek games that really take advantage of the latest 3D and Audio engines available to give the game a realistic 3D effect, but at what cost? Play this game and you'll see that your imagination, paired with the "realistic" intelligent feedback of the game is all you need to get into this type of game. So indeed I gave it only a rating of 3 to be realistic, however this is one of the rare games that do not need the latest technological breakthroughs into to be highly entertaining.


In conclusion, I can say that I've enjoyed playing this game alot, I still play it from time to time, it's probably because I love this type of strategy game along with running my own spaceship, not to mention i'm a trekky at heart. However, if you like the classic adventure games, and role playing games, this game offers an excellent alternative way to play this kind of game in a futurist ream that is space exploration and conquest.


You can get Starfleet 1 - The War Begins by clicking right here.

Stephane Richards

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