Star Fleet 2 Review

Stephane Richard's 2nd review is of the sequel to Starfleet 1 - The War Begins. If you're a trekky at heart, this is a great game for you.


In this review I'll be reviewing one of my favorate games Star Fleet 2 - Krellan Commander. But I will stay unbiased in my evaluation nonetheless. This game is for StarTrek fanatics. But if you don't know startrek, this one and Star Fleet 1 - The War Begins can also introduce you to startrek like gaming experience.

A Startrek like game is essentially a game where you have your orders, places to explore, enemies to destroy, and other times of mission and you go ahead and execute the order. Usually you'll need to find your enemies, with the help of navigation to get from places to places, long range and short range sensors to analyze what is around you, see if there's enemy ships and your weapons so you can destroy the enemy. This game is best categorized as a Strategy Role Playing game where witts and knowledge is required to be played.

PLAYABILITY: (Rating: 5 points)

This is the part of a startrek like game that sets this type of game apart from the others. Star Fleet 2 is a command based game. you tell the game what to do next, and it gives you feedback on the results of your actions so to speak. It's not quite an adventure game, it's really a strategy game as you need to organize your fleet, prepare to invade or engage battle against the enemy, and then execute the strategy to see if it will work or not.

Therefore, because of this nature of play, it is recommended that you sit down and take the time to learn about everything that can happen in a game. There's alot to learn and players shouldn't expect to just sit down and start playing the game. This games has a very complete documentation and a training guide which is highly recommended that it be read by the future player of the game. However, once you learn the many things that can be learned, you can use the game very effectively in all aspects and all the types of mission you may encounter. This is the main reason why I gave it a rating of 5. Half for the length of time required to learn the game, but it's very effective learning so what you learn you can use to it's full potential.

ENTERTAINABILITY: (Rating: 8 Points)

The reason for a rating of 8, is because this game is very entertaining for it's target fans. There are many mission that can be accomplished, and although there are minimal graphics, they are use to 100% of their potential. the whole system is made to give you some good feedback and you can see what's going on fairly quick even if there are many commands to use as well as sub commands. This isn't a game that will be finished in a couple hours. You can play this game for weeks, maybe even months so it can/will keep you entertained for a good long time.

TECHNICAL FEATURES: (Rating: 3 points)

There no special technical features used in this game per se. It can work on any PC compatible system currently in use today. It uses a very intelligent set of ASCII text graphics to convey mission status, enemy positions and other useful information for the game play however in a very convincing way. And I think that needs to be mentionned. This is a game not to be judged by it's visual qualities, they are there, they do their job, but it doesn't use the latest technologies available in today's game engines.


In conclusion, I can say that I'm enjoying playing this game alot, it's probably because I love this type of strategy game along with running my own spaceship. However, if you like the classic adventure games, and role playing games, this game presents a whole new way to play this kind of game and futuristic space context.


You can get your hands on this game by clicking right here.

Stephane Richards

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