INTRODUCTION: Welcome to ASCII-World. This website is completely dedicated to the anything and everything related to Text and ASCII. We strongly believe that ASCII is far from dead. It has a very faithfull user base that just can't seem to get tired of that good old text screen. With today's OS, this definition of ASCII extends to more than the classic DOS Operating System. Basically any OS that has a Console window destined to be treated as a text based application fits in the Text/ASCII definition. Things don't stop at Operating Systems. Here's a list of everything you can expect to find here, at ASCII-World.

  • ASCII-World FAQ:Read the ASCII-World FAQ for an overview of ASCII and ASCII-World.
  • Text/ASCII Art:No self respecting Text/ASCII related website worthy of the name can be without ASCII Art. this fine art of reproducing art using only text and characters dates back to way before computers. They actually used to be done on typeriters. ASCII art is but an extension of this form of expression.
  • Games: Beside of ASCII art, no way we could name this place as ASCII-World if we would not have ASCII/Text games to offer for you. ASCII-World has tens of games to download and if that is not enough, we have numerous links to other ASCII gaming sites from where you can either download hundreds of games or even play them online.
  • Text/ASCII Development Projects: The creators of original ASCII-World are programmers, so of course we love to program Text/ASCII based games and programs. We welcome games and any other type of programming at ASCII-World and it doesn't matter what programming language you used and/or which OS you created it for it will always be welcome at ASCII-World.
  • The ASCII-World Software Development Initiative: ASCII-World takes Text based programs and games rather seriously, as such it created the Software Development Initiative in an attempt to give any Text/ASCII project a final resting place so to speak where they will be available for all to download and experience them. Have a look/see you'll notice how much work is being put into this initiative of ours.
  • Articles, Editorials, Reference Work and Tutorials: We like to write about anything and everything that is related to Text/ASCII whatever the type of writing. Take a look you'll see we've been busy and we plan on being even busier, there's still plenty to write about that hasn't been covered yet in this section. Feel free to send us your Text/ASCII related work and we'll be more than happy to feature them here for you.The ASCII-World Bulletin board: Today, a website without a forum is like a fish without water (almost). We have a forum in place where you can shocase your Text/ASCII creations, ask for help if you are working on a project, talk about your project, keep our visitors updated on your progress and the likes. You're welcome to join our group and share anything you want to share with us.

HOW ASCII-World BEGAN: ASCII-World was originally created by two fellas that happen to still love to create ASCII applications and games using ASCII development tools. "We like with that ASCII only idea instead of working days and weeks on graphical screen design." The authors said. "Unlike Windows and Linux GUIs, Text Based programs were designed with speed in mind. Still today a Text Application is so many times faster than any graphical applications." Said the authors. So from all this came the idea to start a website totally dedicated to the world of text and ASCII development.

ASCII-World TODAY: After over two years and two "versions"" of ASCII-World, it was moved under wiki software, to give it even more chances to keep in it's road of success. Now, when im writing this "text add-on" we are moved maybe 50% of contents from our old websites. When move is done, purpose is to keep site open for all, or demand only minimal registering because of spam prevents.

IN CONCLUSION:There's a lot of things to see here, take a look at all sections, and check them often as contents will be added as it is made available. This is a brand new effort so some section aren't exactly content rich yet. But we are working on it. If you can help, by making any kind of contribution to the website. Be it a project, an article, a technique, anything at all that can add content to this website, by all means let us know, we'll be more than happy to make you a contributor of the website. Everything here is based on our and your contributions. So whether it's a one time submission, or a constant submission of different ideas and suggestions, the choice is yours, but do let us know.

Stephane Richard & Kristian Virtanen and all ASCII-World creators

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