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Who can join?

You, your friend or anybody.
Our policy is that ASCII-World is wiki, not admin controlled website.
Naturally, we do have admins and moderators to keep an eye what is happening here and in worst case, fixing pages and acting in necessary ways.

Why join?

Eventho this is wiki, we need to use certain things to avoid spam.
ASCII-World is place for peoples who still loves ASCII/text programming/art/related. See our F.A.Q to read more.
Members of ASCII-World has permissions to edit/add/remove articles in our site.

How do i join?

It is simple as walk in the park. Below this, you can see password. Its only purpose is to prevent spam bots for registering.

Password: ascii_just_rocks

Important notice about emails from

ASCII-World will not send you any emails with attached files. If you receive that kind of email from moc.liamg|nenatriv.usirk#moc.liamg|nenatriv.usirk, please do not open it and remove it immediately. Some of this kind of emails has been received by peoples, so be warned.

Please create an account and/or sign in first.

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it is worth it and is free

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