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Welcome to the beginner's tutorials. Here you will find everything you need to begin your quest to become a developer. This section will take you from the very start of the programming concepts, teaching you new things one step at a time to make sure you understand what the techniques are trying to teach you and get yourself ready for the next step. this is where you want to be if you've never programmed anything else but your VCR but want to learn.

Please note that the techniques are presented when they are received or in the order that we write them ourselves. Therefore, although an effort will be made to keep tutorials of similar levels in an adequate order, some techniques maybe seem to be out of context, if you'd like, send us a message to let us know about them and we'll gladly set them straight. If you are interested in writing techniques or have written some already and would like us to have them available here, again, let us know about it. We want this section (and all others) to be as complete as they possibly can so by all means do let us know about them. Now choose programming language or topic.

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Programming Principles and Concepts

Tips and tricks for programmers

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