Two Years, And Still Kicking

Past year was time of changes. Actually lot's of things did happen in our site. We once again can say that we did not do anything major that would boost ASCII in new level. That's not our purpose. But what we have done? Lot's of.

Whole website was moved to tikiwiki software. This way we can update easier and more often our site. Practically every regular browser now shows our site for user as it should be seen. It took ten's of hours to move everything from old site to new one, but it was worth of it.

Articles, editorials, links, games, tutorials, demos…just name it, and we did increase nicely number of it's contents. 47 games, 7 demos, 6 applications, 16 editorials, over hundred cool links… and numbers are increasing lot's of very soon. Also our test for new kind of article type (interview) seems to be a positive one. Interview with DOSGuy has been readed over 250 times this far. I have allready contacted for two known person from world of ASCII with hope to get interview from them. Hopefully we can see these interviews soon as possible in our site.

Stats of our site does proove one thing; There is still tons of ASCII fans out there. Thousands of visitors, ten's of unique visitors every day. Feedback has been very positive practically in every area. Few nasty messages only received this far and those can be counted in personal matters. They dont have anything to do with site itself.

So how we continue for now on? Last major change was to "loan" subforum from Game Design Novice. Reasons for this has been told already so no point to repeat same things anymore.

No more major things in our visions right now. We are in good road and we are going to stay on that road. Something is always in our mind of course, but it's not time for those things now.

We'd like to thank our faithful contributors and visitors for making ASCII World what it is today. It really wouldn't be the same without the people that visit us, contributes articles and say hi.

E.K.Virtanen & MystikShadows ASCII-World personnel (read as; main geeks)

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