Wordguess Preview

WordGuess ask's words, names, places and so on from you.It also shows you the answer, alltho, answers are messed up. Only space's "CHR$(32)" are in theyr original places.


WordGuess is good choice, when youre looking something else instead of dozen rambos. Even not so experienced writers can play, since game includes chance to set UP/low case sensitivity for each player. This way, slower writers has small advantage since they dont have to worry about UPCASE letters, more than lowcase letter either. This option can be choosed for each player seperately.

Wordguess includes nearly 600 questions and it is very easy to add more of them. Just open words.txt file with some text editor and you see how easy it is.

You can download Wordguess here. zip package includes binaries for Windows, linux and DOS(32 bit.) platforms. There is also source file (FreeBASIC .15b) and words.txt questions file.


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